Therma-Scan™ Reference Laboratory LLC is the world’s premier source for the analysis and reporting of medical thermology and provides a regional diagnostic clinical imaging facility in Southeast Michigan. We are the experts in medical thermology.

Therma-Scan™ was founded in 1972 with unrelenting commitment to innovation, integrity and the highest ethical, technical and professional standards in the practice of diagnostic infrared imaging. Therma-Scan™ is the most experienced and accomplished provider of medical thermology in the world. We are proficient and certified by the American Board of Thermology in oncology, neuroscience and vascular thermology. We have combined our abilities in each of these sub-specialties to develop a functional challenge (the Cold Stress) as a powerful component of our quantitative analytic system for the earliest indication of breast cancer. In a practical sense, Therma-Scan™ invented medical thermology.

In an absolute sense, Therma-Scan™ invented the reference laboratory for medical thermology in 1975. We have analyzed and reported more than one million patient studies for more than forty network partners worldwide, all using medical-grade digital infrared cameras and imaging technique according to our rigorous standards.

Therma-Scan™ is medical grade. All stages of data transmission and storage are compliant with HIPAA regulations. Our methodology has five distinct steps of quality control in analyzing each patient’s study. Our analytic technique is derived  from the Marseille System to encompass all four diagnostic elements; pattern recognition, thermal energy differential, response to a standardized functional challenge (the Cold Stress) and time-based evolution. The Marseille System provides results of breast thermology on the standardized ‘TH’ scale.  Medical practitioners appreciate the practical clinical concordance of the ‘TH’ scale with X-ray mammography’s BI-RADS®.